Palliative Care

Hospice of North Carolina’s Palliative Care Services is the leading provider of palliative care throughout Western North Carolina.. Palliative Care is ongoing treatment throughout a serious illness. ‘Palliative Care’ is fairly new as a medical specialty and is not to be confused with hospice.

Our team serves patients who are struggling with advanced illness or complex medical conditions with a goal of helping to improve the quality of life. Some of the more frequent diseases we see in patients choosing palliative care are individuals with cancer, COPD and Alzheimer’s, as well as congestive heart failure and kidney failure.

As a PCS patient, we will help you manage your symptoms, provide you with disease-specific education and always talk with you are your goals from the care we provide. We also provide you with a social worker to help you navigate your way through community resources and give emotional support for both patients and caregivers.