Our hospice goals are simple – comfort and pain management when it’s needed the most

What are the Goals of Hospice Care?

Caregiver reading over prescription medicine information with the patient.

Hospice of North Carolina is focused primarily on comfort and pain management for our patients.

Our Key Objectives:

  • Keep patients from unnecessary hospital visits – all too often we see patients nearing the end of their lives unnecessarily traveling to and from the hospital, often via traumatizing ambulance rides. These visits are incredibly disrupting for patients, their caregivers and families and frequently result in negative physical outcomes. Instead, our team of clinicians allows patients to be cared for wherever they call home – providing the comfort and pain management needed to weather any physical disruptions.
  • Engage in frank conversations – Like advance directives, we are firm believers in asking the right questions and knowing how to best achieve the goals. Dr. Angelo Volandes’s “The Conversation” summarizes some of the questions to discuss:
    • What gives your life meaning and joy?
    • What are your biggest fears and concerns?
    • What are you looking forward to?
    • What goals are most important to you now?
    • What trade-offs or sacrifices are you willing to make to achieve those goals?

Your Hospice is Your Choice

You are not expected to know, but if you think our hospice or palliative care services might be a consideration for this point on your healthcare journey, you can call Hospice of North Carolina and ask about any of our services. Our caring staff will guide you or a caregiver through the process of consulting with your physician to get an assessment and start the process of getting hospice or palliative care.

Most people do not understand everything about hospice care, and that is okay and expected. We hear at least once a week that if they had known how good hospice care was, they would have called us sooner. Being able to deliver care for weeks or even months allows us to give our patients the quality of life they deserve, and it allows us the needed time to help the families deal with any issues they may face.

We think the MOST IMPORTANT message is that too many people wait too long before considering and engaging Hospice of North Carolina for the hospice services they deserve. Hospice begins as a six-month benefit but can be in effect longer if deemed appropriate by your physician. Our plan of care is made at the bedside, not in a boardroom. Contact us to schedule your consultation at no charge.

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